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Teo & Teo’s managing partners have 5 years of combined experience.
We value an excellent, personal relationship with our clients,
and our focus is making sure you know where your business stands.
At our core, our goal is to help YOU succeed!

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The first consultation is always free.
We want to know more about your business and make sure you feel
that we’re the right fit for you.

What our Customers say


Especially as a small business there are big advantages by outsourcing the Accounting. It saves you time, money and avoid headaches.
If you have your own business you have probably other stuff to take care of then read low books and try to handle your taxes.

We are a specialist Team who studied accounting and are familiar with the actual lows and deadlines. With this knowledge we are
getting the best out of your tax returns while you can focus on your pasion.

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